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Our vision is to be the global innovative leader of sustainable food experiences that will raise living standards around the world

NR Instant Produce Co.,Ltd.
Thai food has been recognized and popular across the world for number of years. Food in Thai is called A-harn. It is as rich and exquisite as its culture and history. It is one of the famous Asian cuisines for being spicy and balanced of five flavors. 

Thai cuisine truly indicates the way of life, thoughts and spirits of Thai people which had been created to suit lifestyle of each region in Thailand. Importantly, Thai cuisine has helped create tradition, culture and practice amongst Thai communities.
NR. Instant Produce Co., Ltd, a company who recognizes the benefit of Thai Food. We put our hearts in Research & Development to make Thai Food worldwide acceptance. We emphasize on quality of product in order to exceed standardization and research leading edge technology to achieve NR’s goal. Moreover our R&D teamwork composes of dedicated nutritionists. All of these make NR capable of meeting both domestic and overseas market as a standards as the manufacturer of instant products. Today, NR aims to provide excellent quality product  to achieve customers’ satisfaction as well as continue our focus on improving the areas of research and development.
As one of the larger producers of branded Thai foods and custom products, customers partinering with NR Instant can expect unmatched capability and scale. We truly specialize in producing the following: 

1. Instant Food / Ready to Cook
2. Ready to Eat
3. Seasoning Mix Powder
4. Dipping Sauce
5. Drink and Juice
Great people getting together to make great food for the world to enjoy.